Three Reasons to Install a Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant with Activated Carbon Filters

Domestic wastewater from residential homes contains various pollutants that can contaminate the environment and lead to public health issues. Although the contaminants are relatively small in quantity compared to industrial facilities, they can still impact the ecology. Notably, a domestic wastewater treatment plant helps treat the effluent before safely releasing it to the environment. That said, domestic wastewater treatment plants are only as efficient as their filtration systems. The most common filtration systems contain carbon filters or activated carbon filters (ACFs). This article highlights the benefits of a domestic wastewater treatment plant with ACFs.

High Rate of Contaminant Absorption -- The primary purpose of a domestic wastewater system is to eliminate as many pollutants as possible. However, the quantity of contaminants that a wastewater treatment plant absorbs depends on the efficiency of the filters used. Notably, ACFs are considered highly efficient at absorbing wastewater contaminants, thanks to their large surface area. Therefore, as wastewater passes through the plant's filtration system, the large surface area traps most pollutants, preventing them from being released into the environment. On the other hand, other systems, such as inactivated carbon filters, have a small surface area and are suitable for wastewater with few pollutants.

Removes Odour from Wastewater -- Hydrogen sulphide is a typical by-product of the bacteria reactions inside domestic wastewater treatment plants. The gas gives wastewater a notable rotten egg odour that is strong and repulsive. It might explain why most property owners prefer to install a domestic wastewater treatment plant far away from the main house. However, what do you do if you have a small property? Fortunately, a domestic wastewater treatment plant with activated carbon filters eliminates the problem. The reason is that ACFs are excellent at absorbing hydrogen sulphide gas from wastewater, ensuring the water leaving a treatment plant is odourless. Thus, you can easily install a domestic wastewater treatment plant close to your house without worrying about a foul smell.

Ease of Maintenance -- The optimal performance of a domestic wastewater treatment largely depends on proper maintenance. However, you should not have to spend hours on end every month or call a technician to maintain a wastewater plant because the process takes time and costs money. Besides, if you let a technician maintain your wastewater plant every time, you will never learn to do it yourself, considering domestic wastewater systems are not complex. Domestic wastewater treatment systems with ACFs are easy to service and low maintenance, making them the best choice for domestic needs. All you have to do is take out the carbon filter and replace the charcoal with a new bunch.