Septic Tank Pump Outs and Flooding: Involved Risks and What to Do After

Proper septic tank maintenance involves, among other things, scheduling occasional septic tank pump outs. The regularity of these pump outs will depend on the size of the tank and size of the household, among other factors.

In some cases, it may be necessary and best to push the timing for the septic tank pump out until later. One such example is when your property is flooded. There is simply too big a risk involved, and here is what you should know.

What Gets in

A septic tank pump out during flooding increases the chances of silt and other debris in the floodwater getting into the septic tank. You cannot tell the kind of damage that such deposits would cause to the various components of your septic tank system. This will force you to schedule an inspection and cleaning after the floods subside, not to mention having to spend on repairs that may be necessary.

What Gets Out

Pumping out your system during heavy flooding also comes with it the risk of the tank coming out and floating out of the ground. In the process, components such as the piping, both inlet and outlet, may get severely damaged. You will be forced to spend money on repairs and replacements.

Precautions After the Flood

If your system is near full capacity and due for a septic tank pump out, you can go ahead and schedule one after the flooding subsides—and not a moment sooner.

On the other hand, you can schedule for a system inspection to assess damage to your tank, if any, caused by the flooding. If you suspect any such damage, refrain from using your septic tank system. You may also want to avoid using the system if you notice that the water in your drain field is not draining away or subsiding.

If silt deposits and other debris make it into your tank, ensure that you call for professional septic tank cleaning. The sooner you can get it cleaned out, the better your chances of avoiding likely damage, and the sooner your system can go back to performing its best.

Only Work with Professionals

Any septic maintenance company that would agree to a septic tank pump out during flooding is not a company you can rely on going forward. Professionals understand the risks involved and, as such, would advise against doing the pumping. This is the more reason why you should do your due diligence when choosing who to partner with for your pump out and other septic maintenance needs.