Domestic Wastewater Treatment: Improving the Performance of Your Septic Tank

The condition of your septic tank will determine the efficiency of your wastewater treatment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this unit is maintained correctly. This will improve the performance in the degradation and mineralisation of domestic waste. Besides, if the tank is kept in a good state, there will be a lower risk of failure. You will need fewer repairs, and the long-term costs of the system will be reduced. Read More 

Septic Tank Pump Outs and Flooding: Involved Risks and What to Do After

Proper septic tank maintenance involves, among other things, scheduling occasional septic tank pump outs. The regularity of these pump outs will depend on the size of the tank and size of the household, among other factors. In some cases, it may be necessary and best to push the timing for the septic tank pump out until later. One such example is when your property is flooded. There is simply too big a risk involved, and here is what you should know. Read More